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It was in May 2009 that a member of our then committee suggested we might look at the possibility of obtaining an alternative larger building to provide us with better facilities and in a more central location, preferably but not exclusively in the Truro area.

This initiated enquiries with a number of organisations and authorities and over the intervening years several buildings for sale were considered, some visited and one or two professionally surveyed with reports received and the resulting fees paid.

When none was found to be suitable the suggestion was put that we consider finding land and having a completely new build to include also a hall for our own and local community use. The current position on this is that after drawings and land available to rent a pre-planning report has been obtained from the planning authority.

However, the professional costs incurred to date and the initial projected costs of the proposed project mean that this is as far as we can go (but possibly to full planning application) until such time as there are concrete signs of the considerable costs being achievable.

Whilst this major project is on hold we continue to look for any existing properties which would prove appropriate for purchase and conversion for Orthodox use.
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